How To Buy The Hair Extensions?

So, you have decided to use hair extension. Buying the best quality extension can be time consuming, stressful and confusing if you have no idea about it. An overly processed hair extension will prove a costly mistake for you. Before you buy the hair extension, you need to understand this industry and then make an informed buying decision. Consider the application method and processing procedure of the hair extension and then make a purchase.

Should you consider the hair sample?

Before you buy hair extension, ask the supplier to send you the sample of hair. You can have a look at it to judge the quality of the hair you will be getting. But, before doing this, you need to choose only a reliable and the best hair supplier. This is so because many providers send excellent hair samples and later on they send bad hair.

Consider the hair origin

The origin of the hair is another determining factor to guide your buying decision. When it comes to Russian and European hair, they may originate from any of the places where the hair is collected. Russian and European hair suppliers may come from any places. You need to know about the exact place of the hair. European and Russian hair may originate from any country, but it is available in a variety of textures and types.

Remy or non-Remy

When you are buying hair extension, do consider if the hair is Remy or not. Have a look at the midshaft, the roots and the end of the hair. Do not settle for non-Remy hair.